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Our Modules

Verticallly integrated turnkey solutions that consolidate technologies across banking, data, insurance, risk, and compliance.

Contractual Transactions

A single API that combines all of the necessary technology to conduct due diligence, assess financial risks, and execute large, complex transactions based off of contractual obligations.

Goal Funding

An API solution designed to help individuals and organizations achieve pre-determined financial goals faster and more efficiently by rounding-up daily purchases and inviting support.

Industry Use Cases

  • All
  • Contractual Transactions
  • Goal Funding

B2B Marketplaces and SaaS

Take all of the risk out of your business model. Verify buyer/seller integrity and securely prove, hold, and move funds.

Financial Brokerages

Increase your managed assets and stand out with your employer clients by offering creative products for their employees to take advantage of.

Real Estate

Verify both party’s identity and holistic financial integrity and set contract terms before escrowing funds and initiating the transaction.

Loan Servicers

Increase your liquidity, reduce your liability by offering mechanisms that help your borrowers pay down their loans without having to do anything differently.

Non-Profits & Special Interest Groups

Fund your cause faster and more efficiently with the population you already have with intuitive, marketable payment technologies.

Commercial Loan Providers

Compress your due diligence/risk assessment process, set your loan terms and automate your dispersement and borrower payments.

Stop Building.

Take the complexity out of embedding a financial technology into your business.

  • Eliminate the regulatory learning curve
  • Eliminate the search for the right vendors
  • Eliminate the product development timelines
  • Eliminate the opportunity costs
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Start Using.

Integrate the most comprehensive, least invasive financial technology use cases available. Instantly connect to our vertically integrated solutions through a few lines of code and scale your business on your terms.

  • Fast and intuitive integration
  • Customize to your specific use case
  • Turn on revenue faster and more efficiently
  • Built in compliance
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