Your Business. With FinTech.

Plug into flexible, secure and professionally engineered financial modules.

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Stop Building.

Take the complexity out of embedding a financial technology into your business.

  • Eliminate the regulatory learning curve
  • Eliminate the search for the right vendors
  • Eliminate the product development timelines
  • Eliminate the opportunity costs
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Start Using.

Integrate the most comprehensive, least invasive financial technology use cases available. Instantly connect to our vertically integrated solutions through a few lines of code and scale your business on your terms.

  • Fast and intuitive integration
  • Customize to your specific use case
  • Turn on revenue faster and more efficiently
  • Built in compliance
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Our Modules

Highly scalable solutions.

Capital Movements

One API that conducts your due diligence, securely moves, holds and monitors complex capital transfers.

Round-Up to X

An API solution that enables businesses to instantly round-up their users transactions toward goal accounts.

Risk Assessment

Verify businesses' and individuals' identity, check balances and assess credit risk with the most comprehensive risk-assessment API.

Compliance & Risk Tools

  • All
  • Identification
  • Credit
  • Banking

Know your Customers

Automated KYB & KYC Processes

Balance Verification

Reduced Exposure to Fraud and Returns

Account Authentication

Verify Account Ownership

Verified Financial History

For Confident Decision Making

Credit Assesment

1000+ Variable Credit Modeling

Credential-Based Connectivity

For Secure Onboarding

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